Sid Ceaser


February 2012

Gallery II “Plastic Erotica” Sid Ceaser

NKG February 3-24, 2012
Opening Reception Friday February 3, 2012 5-8 pm
NK Gallery
450 Harrison Avenue #61
Boston MA 021118
Gallery hours Wed- Sat 11am – 4pm

NKG is pleased to announce “Plastic Erotica” an exhibition of photography by Sid Ceaser.
Photographer Sid Ceaser is fascinated by the human form and obsessed with pop-culture.  His portraits of Japanese anime figures resulted in a series called “Plastic Erotica”.  The 5 inch manufactured action figures become real through his camera lens and processes.  When he is not photographing real people, he turns his camera on these small scale models commenting on contemporary life and cultural obsessions.  His intent in this series is to bring focus to the objectification of females through the use of these action figures with our culture’s intense obsession with the sexual ideal.

Sid Ceaser, Independent Photographer, BFA New Hampshire Institute of Art